We understand the power and impact of communication as PR & Marketing experts. Our strong values, motivating others and striving for positive change or personal evolution for ourself and others is part of what shapes us as coaches.
— Anthony Noun
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Anthony Noun
Business & career coach

Growing up in London to immigrant parents and step-parents as well as living in several countries gave me blend of experiences to develop a sensitive antenna for different perspectives, with a deep curiosity and understanding about people and what makes them tick.

It is inherent in my nature to question & reframe the way we perceive things, particularly after 15+ years as a PR & communications professional.

My coaching journey started as a mentor to several students of my alma mater, The University of Manchester, where I was its elected student's union welfare officer. I've always been involved in charitable and campaigning activities, right from school days when I started a campaign to keep my local library open and more recently becoming a charity trustee and a school governor at Hebert Morrison primary school.

My coaching approach is grounded in my senior management experience working as a communications consultant before setting up Brægen. With a less traditional background than HR or Psychotherapy, I bring a fresh perspective to coaching. As a Public Relations’ expert , I know what it takes to tell a good story with solid experience in preparing CEOs and senior executives for their keynote speeches, presentations and media interviews. As a coach, I have a passion for problem solving and helping others. As an academic, I have the science and philosophy to support my methodology.


Charlotte Broadribb
wellbeing & life coach

In 2017 I trained as a Life Coach specialising in Mental Health and wellbeing. I now work within the NHS delivering life coaching to people that need it most, helping them to help themselves. As you can imagine, this work is very rewarding.

An exercise I did as part of my Life Coaching training changed my life forever. It made me realise my behaviour (my job, my life, how I was spending my time) was not in line with my values (spending time with my son, being a good mum, helping others, doing something worthwhile). Off the back of this exercise I decided to quit my well-paid corporate job – a job that made me feel stressed almost all the time.

Now, my behaviour is ‘inline with my values’. I’ve embarked upon a new venture that enables me to use all my years of experience as a Marketing professional and my new coaching skills to be everything I want to be in life – without the ‘shoulds and shouldn’ts’ imposed upon me by society.

I have been trained in Person-centred coaching, Positive Psychology and Recovery Coaching with a specific focus on wellbeing and mental health. I have learned how to use a number of coaching tools & techniques to help people help themselves so they can get where they want to be in life.

I have a certificate from the Academy for Recovery Coaching and a certificate from the Institute of Mental Health.