Who would you be without your story?

By Anthony Noun, Business & Career Coach

We are connected and shaped by multiple stories of our lives: The relationships we value, the communities and cultures we belong and our everyday experiences. We are also neurologically wired to react to stories, which are more effective at releasing the 100 or so neurotransmitters we have that drives our emotions.

Words are how we think, stories are how we link.
— Christina Baldwin

Stories make us...

As we make meaning of the events and actions of our lives, we weave them together in storylines that end up as “identity conclusions” (should) and “dominant narratives” (can’t) that either accelerate or slow us down, hinders our progress, stops possibilities from ever becoming a reality.


But they can break us...

  • I am not a good leader

  • We are a fragmented team 

  • I am just a dreamer

  • I am not a good presenter

  • I am not good at my job

  • I’m a fraud

As marketeers and communication professionals, we are specialists in the art of storytelling and we know how stories can shape brands and individuals. We understand language is the medium for looking again at the narrative so you can re-write it.

We will create a safe place for you so you can explore your thinking, ways of being, and the stories you tell yourself  that are preventing you from going where you want to be - in all aspects of your life.

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Anthony is an incredibly talented natural coach. He’s been invaluable in the search to find my future vision for my career. He has helped me to focus and I’ve been better able to look at problems in different ways.
— Jayne