What our clients say

After just a few sessions with Charlotte I felt energised and inspired after feeling stuck for so long. I’ve tried a few things – CBT and Counselling – and coaching has worked a lot better for me because it feels real, it’s person-to-person.
— Andrea

Anthony has helped me address the problem issue of self-doubt. Not easy for someone at this stage of career to admit to this sort of psychological weakness and I have set out clear actions for how I can overcome this in my career.
— Jon

Anthony is an incredibly talented natural coach. He’s been invaluable in the search to find my future vision for my career. He has helped me to focus and I’ve been better able to look at problems in different ways.
— Jayne

Being happy is the most important thing to me. Charlotte has helped me to realise being happy is achievable, despite my difficulties.
— Richard

I was torn between the idea of a new challenge and the need to spend more time with my family. Anthony guided me and helped me understand my priorities & have now come to a better work life balance.
— Marie

Anthony gave me much needed support when I was alone with my business start-up and overwhelmed with the workload. He motivated me to reach my targets.
— Emma-Louise

Charlotte has helped me to value myself more and helped me to get in touch with what really matters to me, address the issues I face head on and helped me to set achievable goals. I now feel ready to take the next step in my life.
— Andrew