Who would you be without your story?

We are connected and shaped by multiple stories of our lives.

Stories are how we make sense of the world, how we retain and pass on information. We are neurologically designed to respond to storytelling. We are emotional beings with 100 or more neurotransmitters that trigger reactions in our brain, releasing chemicals to make us happy and optimistic; oxytocin to feel kindness, trust in others and cooperation; and adrenaline as a reaction to fear, among others.

Beware of the stories you tell yourself—for you will surely be lived by them.
— William Shakespeare

Stories make us who we are. We make sense of things and find meaning through them. The stories we weave and the stories we tell about ourselves to ourselves and to others have the ability to help or hamper us. What we see in our mind’s eye is often what we get.

The stories we tell about ourselves reinforce how we see ourselves in our world, communicate about about ourselves and our world, and participate in our environment. Not only does story-telling provide meaning but it can also act as a lever to drive our motivation, our energy, our appetite to move forward and progress or it can grind us down and hold us back.  

A story is like a tree, you water it and give it enough sunlight, and it grows bigger, stronger, taller and deeper in the ground. The bigger it gets, the more it becomes the driving narrative with deep roots becoming harder to shift.

Photo by Zach Reiner on Unsplash

How often did you say to yourself or confided in others...

  • I am not a good leader

  • I am just a dreamer

  • I am not a good presenter

  • I am not good at my job

  • I’m too old

  • I don't have what it takes

  • I don't think I am good enough to go for that promotion

What if you could change that?

Change happens when we make shifts in who and how we are as ‘Author’ of our stories, as ‘Actor’ in stories with others, as ‘Agent’ in the narratives around us, and as ‘Activist’ for better narratives.

As a PR & Marketing professional, I have worked with brands and organisations for 17+ years to help them shape their stories and understand the power of storytelling. I understand language is the medium for looking again at the narrative so you can re-write it.

As a business coach, I have developed a programme to help you change the stories you want about yourself to help you move forward and achieve whatever you want.

This is about providing a space to explore alternative perspectives, for you to find your own way to move forward, progress and make it happen. We're not the magicians, you are!

 Ask yourself the following:

  • How is my story serving me?

  • What am I afraid will happen if I let that story go?

  • What would a different story help me see or do?

  • What has been my story up to this point?

  • Do I want to continue or change my story?

  • If I want to change it, what pieces can I bring forward to help me?

I will create a safe place for you so you can explore your thinking, ways of being, and the stories you tell yourself that are preventing you from going where you want to be - in all aspects of your life.

Anthony is an incredibly talented natural coach. He’s been invaluable in the search to find my future vision for my career. He has helped me to focus and I’ve been better able to look at problems in different ways.
— Jayne

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