Creating event impact – co-constructing a campaign with children


Dialogic communications doesn't cost the earth or requires large resources, this is about rethinking and reframing the touchpoints and engagement with your target stakeholders.

Anthony worked with Barnardo’s in 2014-15, one of the most well-known and respected charities in the UK, to engage and reconnect the charity’s ambassadors and VIPs by bringing to life what Barnardo’s does. Rather than starting with the adults know best attitude, we explored how children and young people supported by Barnardo’s can co-create the campaign to appeal to high-profile individuals such as celebrities to become signed-up supporters of Barnardo’s.

Rather than prescribe and dictate how the campaign should run, and given this is a charity supporting over 200,000 vulnerable children every year through its 900 services across the UK, we co-constructed the campaign with 100s of children from all corners of the UK.

It worked by creating a more authentic buzz and engagement. The theme of ‘My proudest achievement’ art competition was co-created with children & young people which included imagery, videos, paintings and poems, to demonstrate the positive impact that Barnardo’s support services is having on children who do not always have the care and support of parents or carers. The best artwork, judged by a children and young people panel, were publicised online and across many local shops and services, shone a light on the importance of family to children’s development and the crucial support that Barnardo’s provides for vulnerable children with no or little family support.

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  • Campaign with high profile individuals connected to the charity
  • 70 high profile people including celebrities attended VIP reception
  • 3 VIPs signed up to become ambassadors
  • 100s of children, supported by Barnardo’s, entered the imagery competition
  • Winning images showcased in the Guardian, Barnardo’s shops and services across the country

This was a stakeholder engagement campaign rather public facing with media coverage.

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