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Keeping it fresh

Most organisations still place being 'on-brand' and safe above being relevant and interesting when it comes to their communications.

In the age of automation and people building their own personal brands, how do we cut through all the 'fake news' and media noise and make a positive impact?

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Why Brægen?

Brægen takes a new approach to communicating, idea-generation and problem solving.

We are a small team of co-creators who work together to generate and develop ideas for ourselves and for our clients. We are good at bringing ideas to life and capturing people's imagination.

We are people who are good at breaking down dense (and potentially boring) subject matter and bring it to life with an innovative and creative campaign, which resonates in the real world and online. Our communications and marketing campaigns spark conversation, get people interested and inspire them to ‘act now’.

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Empathetic communicators

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to brand communications, it needs to be looked at on a case-by-case basis. What binds us is the belief that organisations that want to have a voice need to constantly respond to the world we live in today and to stay relevant.

We believe that empathy is the key to connecting with people. Thoughts and emotions drive us all. This is always our starting point when taking a brief and creating a winning campaign. We use business coaching tools and techniques to help a person or organisation get in touch with their core values and set goals. We have combined coaching experience that spans positive psychology and recovery coaching with a specific focus on wellbeing & mental health, to dialogic business & executive coaching.