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The future of communications 

Any brand engaging with external audiences can become more dialogic. What does that look like?

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Good dialogue

Dialogic communications’ philosophy is based on co-creating authentic and integrated stories across multiple media, with audience participation, interaction and collaboration at its core. The result is a more equal status dialogue, or two way marketing, where a brand opens up and co-creates with the public, not controlling the narrative but letting it develop organically.

We can help you make that transition. We will work with you to create and implement an effective engagement strategy, working with your internal teams.  

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Effective campaigns

We enjoy breaking down dense (and potentially boring) subject matter and bringing it to life with an innovative dialogic campaign that works. We co-create concepts that resonate in the real world.

We can take on every role the client needs from an agency or utilise the in-house team's strengths and skills, empowering them to 'make it happen' with us.

We can respond to any campaign brief to create, develop and deliver a campaign that has far better reach and engagement.

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Two-way conversations

Many organisations were slow to embrace social media, concerned about the lack of control they had over the conversation.

Now most organisations want to be more transparent and want to maximise the opportunity of ‘free media’ alongside PR. Most brands are still using these channels as conventional broadcast mediums, unsure which to use and how to use them effectively.

We can work with you to create an effective dialogic engagement strategy and comms plan.

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Dialogic inside

Traditional change management and restructure programmes only have a 30% success rate, so why do companies still pursue them with such fervour? We can work with organisations to create a series of participative internal dialogues to support positive change inside your organisation.