Here are some examples of our work where we have begun to use some dialogic principles to show you what we mean by Dialogic Communications and Internal Dialogic. Each of these projects harnessed people power and engaged all kinds of stakeholders in the process to achieve great results and interesting and creative campaigns.

RIBAs Headquarters in London.jpg

Royal Institute of British Architects

Co-created public-facing exhibition campaigns using internal and external dialogic communication principles

A stylised map of London's newly created Northbank and the existing southbank.png


Co-creating and marketing a destination with the local community

photo of a girl dancing from Barnados Charity campaign.jpg


Creating event impact – co-constructing a campaign with children

Image of a tweet from Stephen Fry.JPG

How we met and what happened next

Our without space + light dialogic campaign for the RIBA is an example of what harnessing passion & people power can achieve