Dialogic: Collaboration 2.0

Dialogic Communications is the new way to approach campaigns from the inside out and the outside in. We collaborate with our clients to co-create stories that become communications campaigns.

A dialogic approach to communications is person-centred. It is about creating meaningful conversations with people and providing a platform for people to have open, meaningful conversations with brands, organisations and each other. We can create that platform for you.

Person-centred communications are more empathetic, as they invite people to participate and contribute towards the process and the goal, rather than be broadcasted at. We can help you to do this.

Why: the need

The post-credit-crunch collaborative agency emerged out of the need for a more agile, virtual and cost-effective service for clients – something that was not being delivered by traditional agencies at the time. Big agency networks soon caught on and spawned their own smaller collaborative agencies to take on these bright up-starts.

We were there at the start of the collaboration movement. The collaborative process has been tried and tested (by us) and the results show that the most effective and meaningful way to do this is with your Clients and your ‘consumers’. That is the last time we’re going to use that word. People are not consumers, people are people.

Now, in the Trump-Brexit era, there is a need for another shift in how communications agencies service their Clients and reach out to their desired audiences. It’s time for collaboration 2.0.

Recent, dramatic shifts in our global culture and the state of ‘society’ as a whole have driven us to realise there is a gaping chasm between what most organisations pump out and what people actually find interesting.

Time does not stand still and brands need to be looking at how they can continuously communicate and stay relevant in times of constant change.

There has been a striking change in the distribution of power in business and wider society - between men and women as well as new technology, new ways of doing things - disrupting the old order.
— Anthony Noun, Co-Creator, Brægen

Us: Co-Creators

We are a small team of Co-Creators that work together to generate and develop ideas for ourselves and for our Clients. We are good at bringing ideas to life and capturing peoples imagination.

We work hard to make ideas become fully formed concepts that can live online and resonate in the real world.

We are people who are good at breaking down dense (and potentially boring) subject matter and bring it to life with an innovative campaign. Our campaigns spark conversation, get a bit of a buzz going, get people interested and inspire them to ‘act now’. 

Also, we don’t just sit around waiting for a Client to come to us with the perfect brief to answer. We also pursue our own ideas, as we believe in them as much as we believe in ourselves.

It’s hard to define exactly what we do in one word but we call ourselves ‘Co-Creators’. Broadly this means we are creative strategic innovative and business-minded communications & marketing consultants...and coaches.
— Charlotte Broadribb, Co-Creator, Brægen

Professional empathy

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to brand communications, it needs to be looked at one a case-by-case basis. However, we believe all organisations that want to have a voice need to constantly respond to the world we live in today, to stay relevant now and in the future.

We believe that empathy is the key to connecting with people. Whether it’s your Client, ‘Co-Creator’ or Co-worker, customer, supplier, friend, neighbour or your own child, empathy connects people at a deeper level. Reaching people is about understanding them, about walking a day in their shoes or simply seeing something from their point of view.

We know that each person is different, with their own perception of the world and personal experiences that have shaped that perception. But there are things many of us share, feeling we have in common – thoughts and emotions drive us all.

This is always our starting point when taking a brief and creating a campaign.

Imagine an Agency run by coaches…

We have combined coaching experience that spans positive psychology and recovery coaching with a specific focus on wellbeing & mental health, to dialogic business & executive coaching.

We use coaching tools and techniques to help a person or organisation get in touch with their core values and set goals.  We are trained to help people help themselves so they can get where they want to be in life.

We are both working towards ICF accreditations and use coaching techniques in our day-to-day life and work.